Mix Files and MSDS

Mix Designs - more will be added as we refine them.

Fast Set SCC with CSA 

This is a mix design that was created using Mark Celebuski's mix design spreadsheet. The mix is very fast setting, so is suitable for small projects. Adjust the CSA for longer set times. The sheet also contains project pricing pages.

The sheets are fully customizable, so you can create your own sheets from these ones. Adjust your water cement ratios as needed and other ingredients too. Save your files to refer to for future use.

Floor Overlay with CSA - self-leveling mixes - fast and medium set

Backer Coat

Sprayable Face Coat

SCC Pour with glass

SCC Face Pour


GFRC Admix  Plasticizer Stage II Accelerator
CSA H12 StampShield
Nanoseal LS Densifier

Silica Fume

Hydration Stablizer