Re-Add - recycled polystyrene beads

  • $1700

Re-Add - 2 1/4 cubic feet - introductory pricing

Re-Add is a patented lightweight concrete additive made from recyced expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a specially formulated coating. It is static free, mixes easily and uniformly, and bonds extraordinarily well to cement paste.

Mix Designs
Re-Add should only be substituted in the place of aggregate by VOLUME, not by WEGHT.

Re-Add can replace an equivalent volume of a percentage of aggregate. For a 50% replacement of the aggregate (sand) with Re-Add, calculate how much aggregate is needed. Place 50% of that aggregate weight in a container and “mark” the volume of that aggregate. Measure that same volume of Re-Add and use that in the mix. Test mixes to verify the appropriate volume of replacement. Note that curing time for a Re-Add mixture will take longer that normal mixtures.

Re-Add contains respirable dust. As with all dust generating material, adequate dust mask and eyewear should be worn.

Re-Add is not hydrophobic during the mixing process so it will easily and quickly incorporate into wet concrete mixtures. An ideal mixing procedure can be quickly developed to prevent under or over mixing. Most common types of mixing equipment such as paddle, pan, drum and/or ribbon mixers can be used.

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