Trinic WetCast Admix

Trinic WetCast Admix

  • $31400

Trinic WetCast Admix - Multi-Component Admixture­­

We have decided to stop carrying the WetCast Admix as sales do not warrant keeping it. The GFRC Admix and the WetCast are similar with the major difference being that the WetCast contains Plasticizer, but so if you are doing traditional wet cast, you can buy Tec 10 and Plasticiser.

Multi-component powdered admixture for the production of ultra high performance wet cast concrete

Trinic WetCast Admix takes the hassle out of making ultra high performance wet cast concrete.  It's easy to understand and dose, simplifying what can become and overly complicated process.


  • Multi component powdered admixture simplifies the production of wet cast concrete, no more mixing and matching several different admixtures at different dosage rates to produce ultra high performance wet cast concrete.
  • Increases compressive and flexuraul strength as well as acid and stain resistance.
  • Very easy to dose, less chance for human error with a cost of under $2.00 / sq. ft. (based on 1.5” thick concrete).
  • Eliminates overnight shipping costs in winter, storage and molding problems liquids have.
  • Anti-foaming agents eliminate pinholes.
  • Internal curing agents protect against moisture loss during curing.
  • Dispersing and wetting agents improve color dispersion, intensity, and stability resulting in better color “pop”.
  • Contains System 1 plasticizer for water reduction. 
  • Anti-shrink agents eliminate surface crazing, bowing, and curling. (when a proper curing protocol is followed)
  • Closes the internal capillaries within the concrete matrix leading to a denser, more acid and stain resistant concrete prior to sealing.­­­
  • Works well with from scratch mix design, also turns bag mixes into high performance concrete.

Dosage Recommendations:

  • 3 lbs. per hundred pounds of total cementitious in the batch.