How do our mix product prices compare? We try to maintain our pricing in line with and slightly cheaper than Trinic's prices, converted to Canadian dollars. Like most of you, we hope the Can/US exchange rate moves in our favour. 

Does it cost more to make high quality decorative concrete in Canada? You bet it does! Can you get our products cheaper directly from the States? NOPE! Be sure to add in all your costs, dollar exchange (ouch!), broker fees, shipping especially and time.

Paying with a Credit Card - Make sure the postal code on your billing address is the same as the one associated with your card, other wise you will get a zip code error. The shipping address can be different than the billing address.


Shipping costs are automatically calculated on Checkout. We use the service of NetParcel which gets volume discounts for Purolator and Loomis. We reserve the right to choose either courier. We can also ship Canada Post, contact us, and we will put together a custom order and shipping quote for you. Canada Post can be reasonable for single boxes, but for multiple boxes, Purolator or Loomis is cheaper.

Some sealers require Hazmat shipping. Extra charges for these will be applied.