Trinic NanoSeal

Trinic NanoSeal

  • $7500

Cold weather shipping - H12 and Nano Sealers are susceptible to freezing. Due to our location, next day shipping is not available. We monitor temperatures and will package accordingly. This might mean a box lined with styrofoam and to ship by express courier. We will also ship express when conditions necessitate it. We will also label the box with "Do Not Freeze" labels when needed. Accordingly, we have increased the price of H12 and Nano to cover the cost of extra packaging and shipping.

We cannot guarantee that the sealers will arrive safely, so returns due to freezing are not acceptable. 

Trinic-NanoSeal - Qt/Gal


  • Single Component
  • Easy to apply
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Available in gloss or matte


  • As a topcoat for polished concrete floors, provides excellent stain protection including resistance to acids.
  • As a topcoat for acrylic sealers, provides an abrasion resistant topcoat.
  • As a topcoat for concrete tile, excellent stain and blush resistance.

For general flat/countertop application, view this video:

Directions for application - please refer to Trinic's Website for directions

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